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 Coming 2017-2018 School Year 
Now Accepting Applications

Enrollment Fee
                            (Includes lab fees, technology fee, testing, and association fees)

         * Please pay the deposit of the enrollment fee to hold spot. 
                     *Monthly Tuition is accepted in 10 installments. 

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              Scholars Academic School Day 

       Our Christian Based STEAM Private School is Accredited 
ASCI & Advanced ED Accredited 
                     through our AOP Partnership

2500 Park Central Boulevard 
Suite B5
Decatur, GA 30035

Kindergarten- 5th grade (includes aftercare).....................$600 per month
1/2 Day PreSchool (New 2018 Program)..........................$320 per month
Learning Coach/Home School students............................$450 per month
Part Time Home School students......................................$300 per month 
6th-12th Online..............................................................$Call for details
After School Care (3:00p-6:00p)...............$12.00 per day/$60.00 per week
Before Care.........(6:30a-8:00a)................$11.50 per day/$57.50 per week

*Pre-assessment must be completed and 1 recommendation letter must be submitted with application.

  **All classes are accredited through our Online Academy. Please ask us for suggestions before enrolling.
All Programs Tuition:
Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. It is considered late after the 3rd of each month. There is a $40.00 late fee added to late payments. Tuition can be paid monthly and the last payment must be made by May 3rd. Failure to do so may result in unenrollment until tuition is brought current.

Tuition contracts are for the entire school year. Withdrawal does not cancel any financial responsibility for the full contract year. Enrollment and all tuition fees are non transferable and non refundable. Withdrawal includes relocation, suspension and expulsion. Should any of these situations arise; the full balance becomes immediately due.

Statement of Faith:
WE BELIEVE that there is only one God, eternally existent in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that man, made in the image of God, is a fallen creature by virtue of his rebellion against his Creator and thus deserves eternal judgment from a righteous God.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus is the Son of God, uniting in the single person of the Son two distinct and complete natures: divine and human. He lived as the perfect man to fulfill God's plan for all humanity. The sacrificial death of Christ paid the full penalty of man's sin and provided salvation for all believers. Christ's bodily resurrection from the grave, showing His triumph over sin and death, offers the promise of resurrection and eternal life to all who have faith in Him.

WE BELIEVE that salvation is by grace through faith. Justification before God, which gives us freedom from punishment and gives life with God, is available only as a gift from God through faith in Jesus Christ. At the time of conversion the Holy Spirit baptizes every believer into the body of Christ and enables him to:

~ grow in maturity and conformity to the image of Christ,
~ grow in love for God and for fellow man, and
~ bear witness to the saving power of Christ in the world.

WE BELIEVE that the Bible is “inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16). We believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of all Scripture and that all Scripture points to Christ who is the living Word. We believe that the authority of Scripture depends not on the truth or understandings of humankind, but on God himself, who is the truth, and thus Scripture must be received as the Word of God. We believe that it is only by the Spirit of God that anyone can interpret the Scripture with power and humility, efficacy and insight.    

Mission Statement:
The mission of Unity Learning Network STEAM Academy is to provide educational opportunities which enable all students to achieve their highest potential.

The mission of ULN is to glorify God through providing students with a well-balanced holistic and nurturing approach to education. Our students will develop academically, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. These milestones are obtained in our program as students experience real world problems, critical thinking experiences, hands on opportunities and problem based scenarios. Our goal is to equip students for the global society in which they live through providing them with Christ-centered character education curriculum along with a well-balanced STEAM Curriculum. With the foundations of Literacy, Numeracy, advanced STEAM Curriculum and God's characteristic traits, we will have students that contribute to their local community and that are prepared for the complexities of this global society. 

The Christian life is one where the individual’s faith in God is integrated into all of life’s experiences. Our desire is to establish and expand the awareness of this way of life and set it into practice; to establish a biblical world-view, being able to discern from a godly perspective. It is our conclusion that life is hard and our children need wisdom and strong godly character to successfully face the vital issues involved in their daily lives. 

We believe that God has bestowed on each individual certain innate abilities. We are called to educe from the child and help to develop that which God has placed in them, following the scriptural directive, “Train up a child in the way he should go . . .” (Prov. 22:6). We believe that a child’s gifts are released as they learn to walk under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that education is both caught and taught; that the teacher is called to be a mentor, to come alongside the student, to model Christian attitudes, and to provide guidance in learning the skills of life. The academic program, while stressing basics, will also give emphasis toward skills in critical thinking, arriving at conclusions, and developing personal morals and conviction. Development toward this end begins with the teaching exchange carried out by the educator/learning coach. The student will be challenged by high academic standards and the expectation of performance at the highest level possible.

Foremost in the training of a child is the family. The school is a secondary means of child development and looks upon the involvement of the family as a key component. To be an environment of whole learning, the school desires a partnership of faith, family, quality education, and community.

Our desired end is to produce students who are healthy, spiritually dynamic, mentally alert, disciplined, academically prepared, and ready to interact meaningfully with each other, our society, and our world. We desire to foster a love for learning that will take them far beyond their formal schooling years and into a lifetime of challenges and growth for this global society.

Unity Learning Network STEAM Preparatory Academy admits children of all races and nationalities and does not discriminate in any of its programs on the basis of gender, race, or national origin.
Core Values and Vision
  • To glorify God through the training of students in spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development.
  • To provide a Christ-centered curriculum based on biblical truth that will result in clear, critical thinking and a Christian world-view.
  • To provide an educational experience leading to the formation of the character of Christ in the lives of students, which includes wisdom, knowledge, and love.
  • To support parents in their primary role and responsibility of training their child.  

Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)
It is the aim of all instruction and community interaction for students to be able to:

ducate through Academic Excellence
  • Discover God-Given abilities while striving to maximize the development of their potential
  • Master curricular goals throughout various disciplines.
  • Plan, develop, and produce quality intellectual, artistic, and physical products.
  • Interchangeably master content and standards in the areas of literacy, numeracy, financial literacy, biblical literacy, STEM, ARTS and entrepreneurship
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate past, present, and future information throughout the learning process

Envision Compassion for Others
  • Develop an increasing awareness of and compassion for others, leading to community service.
  • Demonstrate the ability to accomplish common goals through teamwork.
  • Contribute time, energy, and resources to serve others.

valuate  & Invoke Thinkers
  • Identify, assess, analyze, integrate, and use available resources.
  • Engage, reflect, establish value, and prioritize through the decision-making process.
  • Logically connect a line of reasoning from premise to conclusion.

Expose Students
  • STEM Career Readiness Careers through quality education, field trips and meaningful hands on experiences.

Empower Students
  • To know, understand and apply knowledge interchangeably.
  • Solve complex real world problems
  • To see themselves beyond a consumer of society.
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