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Unity Learning Network, Inc.  is a 501C3 organization that accepts charitable donations and contributions. Proceeds are used to offer quality educational programming for youth and their families. Please request for a list of annual community projects.
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    2016-2017   "I Am STEM" Project
          "Elementary STEM Scouts"
Did you know that robots complete several jobs around us? Join Unity Robotics Program and STEM Exploration Camp and find out how robots sort bread, complete heart surgery, mix, sort and cook food products that we eat on a daily basis.
Unity Learning Network Summer  Camp is comprised K-6th grade students excited about exploring STEM. Our students are Exposed, Engaged and Empowered with Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Arts and Technology concepts throughout the summer.  Each class builds and expands their knowledge base, connecting them with higher order thinking concepts that will increase their critical thinking skills. The average cost per student is $1,000 per summer.
*This fee includes weekly  tuition, STEM based based field trips, supplies, t- shirt and access to the exploration center for free tutoring.
   **At risk students are encouraged to apply for program scholarships.
Please note: At risk students will be chosen according to financial need and desire to explore these subject areas. At- risk is defined as single parent families, low income, low performing students or foster- care children. We need your help today.
            Help us redirect children lives forever.
         Our 2017 Goal is to Raise $40,000

                                        Partner with US
For as little as $3.50 per day/ $35.00 per week you can redirect a child's path of life for ever.
                         Unite for the Children Partner- $35.00
Level 1 Bronze Partners - $166  donation
*Will allow a child to experience 5 days of STEM classes.
Level 2 SilverPartners - $498 donation
* Will allow a child to experience 3 months of STEM classes.
Level 3 Gold Partners -  $966 donation
* Will allow 2 children a half a semester of STEM classes or 1 child 1 semester of innovative STEM classes
Level 4 Platinum Partners - $1,000 donation
*Will allow 2 children the opportunity to experience 1 fun filled year of Innovative and STEM Robotics and Lego Machine Classes that will become a life altering experience.
All partners will be recognized at our end of year celebration and you will have the opportunity to meet the students that you sponsored for the year.
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