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Course Descriptions:

Ages 8-and up

Robotics MindStorms 100- Level 1

Students will learn about the parts of their kit along with the care of their kits. As students learn the parts of their kit they will engage in building their very own robot. All students will be building a basic robot and learning basic programming skills.

Robotics MindStorms 200- Level 2

Students will learn about extension parts to their kits and they will build various robot styles. Students will also do programming to include the use of sensors detecting  sound, color, lines and objects. 

Robotics MindStorm  Competition Team.... 
(3rd grade and up)

Students will form teams for FLL Competitions. They will build their robot and program their robot to complete various competition requirements. This will require research, advanced programming and  presentation skills, team work skills and creativity. Students will work as a team from September -until TBD competition dates. 
                     * Additional Fees and supplies are required

(K5-2nd grade  &  3rd -6th grade)

Simple Robotics 100- Level 1

Students will learn about basic robotics and about the parts of simple machines and the kits used . They will build basic structures using color coded pattern charts. These structures include spinners, bridges, robots and more.

Simple Robotics II 200- Level 2

Students will learn more about robotics and the variations to simple machines. They will build basic structures integrating styles within existing structures using individualized creativity. These structures include advanced spinners, bridges, robots and more.

Builders Club    (K4-2nd grade & 3rd- 6th grade)

Students will engage in FUN, FUN and more FUN building thematic structures using their own creativity. They will explore the city of Atlanta building structures, various modes of transportation and wild animals.

Game Design          (3rd and up)

Students will engage in learning basic game design. They will build multiple levels and choose their own characters, theme and story boards. It is suggested that students have computers at home to continue working on their assignments outside of class time.  No pre- programming skills required.

Science Experiments      (All Ages)

 This class is designed to give all Exploring Scientist and opportunity to get hands on with science challenges. Students  will utilize the scientific method of Asking a Question, Relating  Background Research & Knowledge, Constructing a Hypothesis, Testing the Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment, Analyzing the Data,  Drawing a Conclusion and Communicate their Results to each other. Students are subject to making things explode, erupt, ooze, float, sink and expand right before their eyes. 

Make it Fly..........w/ Air Planes

Students will engage in making various airplanes and they will explore the various styles of planes and discovering what makes a plane fly the best. Students will build paper planes, rocket planes, etc. Children will challenge their classmates to rounds of creativity and fun.

Spanish 101- Students will learn basic words to include greetings, holidays, grammar and vocabulary.

Mandarin 101-Students will learn basic words to include greetings, holidays, grammar and vocabulary.

Singapore Mathematics- Lower Primary

Students will learn under this approach how to draw math models. Students are required to draw math models that illustrate the questions. For lower primary students, modeling might seem unnecessary but the skills being mastered prepare a strong foundation for the upper primary level where problem solving becomes more challenging. We will review whole part concept and the change concept. Building critical thinking and problem solving skills while understanding the process of solving problems.

Singapore Mathematics- Upper  Primary

Advanced Math Modeling, applying these models to fractions and other age appropriate math problems. Building critical thinking and problem solving skills on their actual performance level.

Strings - Students will learn to hold the violin, how to hold the bow, the placement of the bow, violin fingering chart, violin fingering chart, violin strokes, violin theory and rhythm

Piano-Students will learn hand formation, scales and how to play various songs.

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