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Advance Kid University
                   Advance Online Academy

Unity Learning Network Kid University's goal is to provide quality educational programs at affordable rates. We hire degreed, experienced and highly qualified staff to teach our students. We ensure that all of our staff displays a love for children and has a desire to reach each student individually. Most of our staff has Master's degree's or higher and are trained on current best teaching practices.  We offer a variety of learning tracts that are offered in a 10 month format and often follow the Atlanta Metro Area School System blended calendar to allow for breaks and holidays. Because our curriculum was designed by practicing teachers and administrators we understand the skills that your child need in order to be competitive and set apart from their peers.
Our Saturday Advance Kid University is designed to offer your child with every necessary component that will not be captured or mastered within an average school day, whether enrolled in public, private or in home school. Our programs are driven by innovation, academic rigor, self confidence, global networking, technology, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our Robotics classes lead our students to being eligible to apply for a surplus of 42 million dollars worth of scholarships annually offered by well known ivy league universities nation-wide. 

Our 3rd- 12th grade Online Academy is accredited through Advanced ED & ASCI offering over 200 classes, leading to mastery of core content subjects. Each course is differentiated based on each students learning style and learning level. Students are provided with an initial assessment and are placed in the appropriate class based on transcripts and performance. We are excited to offer classes with Individualized Pacing and Rigor. Additionally, we offer Advanced Placement Courses, paths to a High School Diploma, Credit Recovery Courses, ACT & SAT Prep and Dual University Enrollment Courses facilitated by 55 certified instructors and caring facilitators desiring to advance all students. 

Students are able to enroll in our classes through our full or part time module. Please set up your FREE Consultation Appt. by calling us at 678-753-5192.

DeKalb & Newton Location:

                                 * Saturday's: 9:00am-1:15pm

GA Milestones Prep/Writer's Workshop/
Common Core Mathematics/
Reading Comprehension
3rd, 4th, 5th

ULN Smart Toddler's Early Literacy 
Phonics Program
Ages: 2 1/2-5 yrs old
8:00-9:15 am

Literacy Phonics & Reading Program
Ages: 6-9yrs old
8:00-9:15 am

                             Robotics I & Robotics II
                                      Ages 3-6   &    Ages 7-12

 Winter Semester Session- January 23rd- March 26th 
Enrichment Classes Offered:
Advance Academics: Math, Science, Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar Usage, Creative Writing, Critical Thinking Skills
Enrichment Tract: Robotics, ESOL, STEM Enrichment
Competition Teams: Robotics & Technology Team Local, State, National
Math Competition Team, Spelling Bee Competition Team
Middle & High Schooler's: (Rolling Enrollment)
Robotics,  Young Entrepreneur, Career & College Readiness, ACT Prep, SAT Prep, High School Diploma, Advanced Placement Courses, Dual College Enrollment Classes

Adult Learners 
English Language Learners- English, GED Prep
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