"Excellence in Education its not an option, it's mandatory." - Saturday School
Unity Learning Network, Inc. -              "Teaching beyond the basics"
            Saturday School
         Phonics & Reading Program

         Fun Hands on Mathematics
          with Singapore Strategies

 Common Core Power Standards Mastery

          Creative Writers Workshop

           GA Milestones Test Prep

            **One on One Tutoring & 
             Online Tutoring Available 

             Start October 15 

    *Classes as low as $25.00
                   DeKalb Location:

Academic Saturday School
                                 * Saturday's: 9:00a-1:15p

GA Milestones Prep/Writer's Workshop/
Common Core Mathematics/
Reading Comprehension  Combo Classes
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
$520.00 for entire program

Reading Comprehension/Writer's Workshop
Common Core Mathematics

Per Class of your Choice
$225.00 each session

Enrichment Programs: 

Smart Toddler's Early Literacy Phonics Program
Ages: 2.5-5 yrs old
8:00-8:45 am
$185.00 for entire program

Literacy Reading & Phonics Program
Ages: 6-9yrs old
8:00-9:15 am
$225.00 for entire program

                                      Ages 3-6   &    Ages 7-12
$225.00 for entire program

 Fall I-     October 15-December 10th

Winter I- January 2017-March 2017

Winter II- GA Milestone Test Prep 
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Early Literacy 3's, 4's, 5's
Singapore/ K-6th Common Core Mathematics
Writer's Workshop
Reading Comprehension
GA Milestones Test Prep
Common Core Power Standards Mastery
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Pre- K Program (3's,4's)
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Decatur, GA
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Allowing............... time for the light                   bulb to come on.

Why Saturday School? Everything can not be grasped during the traditional learning setting 

Why? Class size is increasing annually

Why? Student's need an opportunity to fill in the learning gaps 

Why? Limited resources and time for hands on inquiry based skills

Why? US education is behind in preparing students for STEM careers 

Why? As a parent you want the best education for your child

Why? Even if your child chooses another career path, STEM based skills can be utilized in any career choice 

Why? I want my child ready when opportunities are presented